Ileys Energy was founded in Oslo, Norway, registered in Somalia in 2010 and is currently one of the promising manufacturers of LED light and solar system technology in East Africa. In 2016, Ileys Energy became the first LED lighting manufacturing company in East Africa.
Ileys Energy is in Mogadishu, Somalia and has modern production lines, testing labs and strict quality control systems, with capacities of 150 000 unit monthly to meet international standards and delivery high quality of LED lights which meets our client’s requirements.


Giving intense inspection to every technical detail of LED lights and solar power system is just as important to us…


As a main player among the East Africa LED light manufacturing, Ileys Energy operates in selected stages of the solar…


We have many years of experience in constructing implanting commercial LED lights and LED street…


We have our own LED light and solar manufacturing plants in Mogadishu, Somalia that have longstanding…


At Ileys Energy, we transform our ideas into lightning fixtures that blends with today’s styling by ensuring high standards of quality go into manufacturing each fixture.

LED Tri-Proof Light

This is Ileys Energy IP65 LED Tri-Proof Light Non Corrosive Fitting that is designed to replace the twin NCF florescent fittings. We have …

LED Panel Light

Ileys Energy Rectangle LED Panel Lights have been designed and built using the latest LED technology and components to offer stylish…

LED HighBay Light

LED high bay light is the ideal solution where ceiling height is over 25 feet. Designed and engineered for high mounted applications …

LED Street Light

LED Street Light supports built-in fins improving heat dissipation, 3D heat-dissipation with air-channel connecting inside …



We have many years of experience in constructing implanting commercial LED lights and  LED street lights with integrated solar technologies both in Africa and Europe.

Our own logistics center provides maximum flexibility, delivering products right to your construction site.

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