About Us

About us

Ileys Energy was founded in Oslo, Norway, registered in Somalia in 2010 and is currently one of the promising manufacturers of LED light and solar system technology in East Africa. In 2016, Ileys Energy became the first LED lighting manufacturing company in East Africa.

Ileys Energy is in Mogadishu, Somalia and has modern production lines, testing labs and strict quality control systems, with capacities of 150 000 unit monthly to meet international standards and delivery high quality of LED lights which meets our client’s requirements.

Ileys Energy provides wide range of service as project planning, designing of solar systems, solar street lights, grid connection, monitoring of ongoing operations and system maintenance within short notices. Furthermore, our engineers are continually developing and improving our LED light and solar products to meet the market needs in an appropriate manner.

We supply very high efficiency with great quality LED lights and solar modules, offering our customers a 10- year product warranty.


We have many years of experience in constructing implanting commercial LED lights and LED street lights with integrated solar technologies both in Africa and Europe.


we offer a wide range of services and value-added services as well as extensive warranties on Ileys Energy products.


Our own logistics center provides maximum flexibility, delivering products right to your construction site.

Our Story

Ileys Energy Lighting specialized in developing and manufacturing LED lighting products in Guangzhou of China, have worked in the LED lighting area since 2007. We own a professional team for design, manufacture, manage and trade. We can offer the most competitive products to help you to defeat your rival. Quality& Price& Service- choose us to defeat your rival.As a top LED industrial lighting factory in china, three particularities make us outstanding compared with other supplier.

First professional and focus. We specialize in LED industrial lighting manufacture since 2007, so we have a very profession team from design, manufacture, quality control and sale.

Second whole production chain, we have two factories, one is for LED moduels, starting with LED component assembly and SMT. The second factory is the lighting factory, which finishes the led lighting manufacture.

Third Advanced equipments, all the equipment main parts are imported from oversea.


Our mission is to develop, design & produce outstanding, high-end quality LED lights and solar solutions in east Africa.
We are obligated to make Africa one of the leading LED lights and solar manufacturers. We use our knowledge and experience in transforming Africa raw materials into final products. As a result, Africa will be able to export final products.


Our vision is to design, develop and manufacture world class LED Lights and innovative solar solutions by utilizing the available raw materials and transform East Africa to become an industrial continent instead of importing finished product from China and elsewhere around the globe.


Giving intense inspection to every technical detail of LED lights and solar power system is just as important to us as getting a clear overview.

If we can use LED technology and photovoltaic in an intelligent manner, we can solve the great challenges of our time; from the increasing cost of electricity to the scarcity of fossil fuels and the impact of climate change.


As a main player among the East Africa LED light manufacturing, Ileys Energy operates in selected stages of the solar and LED lights value chain and focuses on its core competencies and markets. Ileys Energy clearly provides to the premium segment. The outstanding quality standard of Ileys Energy products is based on the following aspects:


We use high-quality materials to ensure durability and high yields. Moreover, we have also designed exhaustive in-house testing and approval processes.


We have our own LED light and solar manufacturing plants in Mogadishu, Somalia that have longstanding engineering experience.

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